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Project Description
Converts a config-file created by AVMs "Fritz!Fernzugang erstellen" to a config file for import in the ShrewVPN-Client

(German: Konvertiert eine Konfigurationsdatei aus "Fritz!Fernzugang erstellen" in eine Konfigurationsdatei für den ShrewVPN-Client)

.NET-Framework v2.0

  1. Generate config files using the AVM-Tool ("Fritz!Fernzugang erstellen" / "Configure FRITZ!Box VPN Connection")
    1. Download-Links: de:, en:
  2. Import the config-file in your Fritz!Box (as described on the avm-vpn page, see links in the step above)
  3. Use this tool to generate a config file compatible to ShrewVPN
    1. Requires .NET-Framework 2.0
  4. Install ShrewVPN ( and import the generated file. Done!

This tool creates a {*.vpn} file for import in ShrewVPN.
The settings used are described here:
Individual settings are read from the original config files generated by the "Fritz!Fernzugang erstellen"-Tool (en: "Configure FRITZ!Box VPN Connection")

Apache License 2.0

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